Learn to Play Craps-Etiquette and Superstitions

Before you learn to play craps, make sure you seek help from experienced players regarding appropriate superstitions at the gambling table.

The first proper play etiquette is to tip the dealer. Be generous and do not hesitate to tip the dealer if they are friendly and helpful.

Many players do this by placing a bet and claiming it is for the dealer but you can also place a chip in front of yourself and claim that it is meant for the dealer. If you intend to place a bet for the dealer, choose the better bet as placing a chump bet will not seem appreciative. However it doesn’t seem very important to tip dealers, Tipping will help maintain a good relationship with them and to avoid accidental carelessness problems becoming   serious Situs Rolet Dan Terpercaya .

For those who intend to learn to play craps, always remember to place your bets at the right time. Bets may not be placed when the shooter is about to roll the ice. Make sure your hand is not on the table when “high hand” is called. Always place your bet before the dice leave the center of the table. Don’t mean to slow down your action and place a bet on every roll as this is really annoying.

Another suitable playing etiquette is to play your bets politely. There are bets where you place yourself or have been placed for you. Always be polite and play chips in front of you to get the dealer’s attention before telling the bet type. The only bets you can place are Pass Line, Don’t Pass, Individual Odd bets, and Come bets and Field bets. Other bets have to be made by placing chips on the layout and the Dealer will place the bet for you.

Always remember to be an attention shooter. Since you cannot control the dice all the time, you must follow good dice etiquette. Don’t go overboard while aiming to hit the far table wall. dice table will be fine. It would be a shame if the dice hit the chip pile or bounced off the table. Keep the game going without wasting time and no need to show off.

When you are learning to play craps, make sure that you do not seek advice or give advice while you are at the table. It is not recommended to exchange advice because any losses will make you think that they were taken out by the advice given. Similarly you may be blamed for someone’s loss, you will have to deal with these unnecessary arguments.

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