Internet Business Is A Pretty Big Place

In the 1997 film “Contact” starring Jodie Foster, the character who plays her father says, “Space is a pretty big place.” And of course. Even it boggles the imagination to see how big it is.

The internet is a “pretty big place” right now. It also boggles the imagination… that’s why we call it CyberSpace.

Here are some statistics, according to the Internet World Statistics Website:

2010 World Population: 6,845,609,960 or almost 7 billion

2000 Internet users: 360,985,492 or about 361 million

2010 Internet users: 1,966,514,816 or about 2 billion

That means that around 28% of the world’s Situs Casino Resmi use the Internet. Further growth over the last 10 years is more than 400%. And for you mathematicians out there…they say it’s growing exponentially and that means a lot and fast!

So we have this whole Country or better, a World out there where fertile and profitable land abounds. While all of that is true, reaching out to potential clients, customers, and consumers in this Brave New World is a little different from what we were taught as kids.

Many of us set up small summer businesses to sell cold drinks to passing motorists and thirsty walkers. These are usually prepared within minutes and using tables from the garage and drinks we find around the house. The spirit of this memory for us, it does not make us unprepared to tackle the world of Internet Marketing. Even our experience as adults in a normal “brick and mortar” type business offered very little to get us on track to start marketing to 2 billion potential clients in this Brave New World.

For most of us looking to join the new Gold Rush Prospectors crowd, panning for Internet Gold, the Internet is a strange and savage land full of Lions and Tigers and Bears wanting to eat us or at least eat our money and efforts. Let’s see if we can offer some kind of Roadmap to guide the weary Internet Marketing traveler.

The Internet, like traditional markets, has many characteristics:

o Both have clients, customers and consumers looking for value for their Dollar, Yen or Drachma.

o Both will share their likes and dislikes … and good and bad experiences with other people.

o They all have family and friends like the rest of us and in general they all wake up with the same aspirations as us.

The internet also has some differences:

o A wooden plank stuck in the ground in front of your Kool Aid kiosk won’t get a single Internet sale.

o Ice-cold drinks will be a tough sell as it will be challenging and expensive to bring them to clients. But the Internet does offer some Strong and Big advantages over our “Brick and Mortar” cousins ​​in the marketing world:

o The Internet is a wonderful leveling field… just look at Justine Bieber’s career, launched from the Internet… essentially free of charge and now she is a worldwide phenomenon.

o Billions of potential customers can be reached literally with the touch of a computer key.

o Internet Product Launch preparation and construction can be done quickly and inexpensively when compared to construction and building supplies.

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